Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sinner's Hold

Clouds gathered overhead
Dark and ominous and laden with rain
He pressed on up the sinuous road
His eyes narrowed to slits
Dark and ominous and tinged with pain
He had killed earlier tonight
The scent of fresh blood rent the air
He pressed on up the sinuous road
Gliding noiselessly up to his lair
He was the keeper of the sodden path
Those who went up never came back down
There were men who went looking for diamonds
Some went up to dig for gold
The keeper was always there to bury them
Those who dared trespass on Sinner's Hold...

Cursed was the path that led up the mountain
Even the brave drew away shuddering with fear
Turn your back to the path and you felt...
Something malevolent was watching you from near
When the sky goes dark and the wind dies down
When the air turns crisp and frosty cold
You have crossed the line into the realm of the keeper
You are dancing with death...
In Sinner's Hold...