Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome my Son

He looked like an angel
Large eyes devour my heart
Searching me with his gaze
Soulful and brimming with life
Faint smile upon his lips, He knew
I was as much his as he was mine
From when he arrived, For all time
He would be me in every way
And yet be himself, unique
Forgotten dreams realized
Buried troubles banished
I can consider my work done
And make way for the future
Welcome...My Son


Proma said...

*Smiling* - how come you writing abt kids - someone on the way ?? I absolutely love the picture . Mischievous little cutie !

Proma said...

What you wrote are the feelings one feels as a new parent. I think its equally important to remember that we came into the world to experience a lot more than parenthood and to try many roles and live many dreams. But really there cannot be any other dream larger than seeing your own kid grow, and one day, become wiser and better than you.

GS said...

He he...If you're into Operating Systems you'll recognize him as the bsd Mascot :)

No kids on the way...have to find someone and get married for that to happen (Well...)

My dad talks to me about the "parenthood" thing and he's just dreaming about being a 'grandpaw' sometime soon...So I kinda get the idea - so much to do before all that happens though :)

Travel...see places...LIVE!!!

And then I'll be ready :p