Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The fall of man

Time isn't in my hands
It flies inevitably forwards
Every moment spent in contemplation
A lost moment for execution
Every second spent in doubt
Every year spent in fear
Every passing hesitation
Every erroneous expectation
Lost in the abyss of confusion
Broken heart and rended soul
Shocked into silence and self-incrimination
Experiencing the pain of separation
The anguish of mistrust and misinformation
Slowly eating a whole man into nothingness
Withering away at who he really is
Trying so hard to please everyone
Ultimately meeting no one's expectation
The fall of man has begun
The fightback has begun
The winner will define the man
The winner will define the man...


Proma said...

The necrosis began with the birth ...? did it really, or you just think so ?

GS said...

This is a different kind of Necrosis. This is the kind that numbs the mind and the heart to emotion.

Time is the killer...not age :)